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Uttarakhand Mahasangh will be connecting to 150+ rural places in Uttarakhand.

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Helping Migrants

Uttrakhand Mahasangh arranged a train for Uttrakhand migrants to reach out to Haridwar from Bengaluru.

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UKM Donates Food

We are proud to have fed lakhs of people and provided more than 4.7 lakhs in aid We are proud to have fed lakhs of people

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Let’s Safeguard Our Rural Areas” Let’s come together and fulfill our responsibilities by reaching out to the rural areas & brace them with this security. We at Uttarakhand MahaSangh, are making every possible effort to anchor this support to the rural areas via the COVID KIT. Especially to the rural areas, wherein the people have been affected by the pandemic & are in great need of these supplies. In order to be a part of this endeavor, please feel free to add information onto the google form, so that we could touch base with them.

Please Note: This COVID KIT has been duly defined & prescribed by a medical practitioner in service.

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Services Rendered Covid19 Warriors

The Uttarkhand Mahasangh team has been actively rendering its services as covid warriors to the local community at Vani Vilas Hospital- Bangalore.

We have successfully delivered to the local community by providing yummy and healthy meals to the people waiting, supporting, and volunteering at Vani Vilas Hospital during this pandemic.

We have been avidly recognized for our efforts and handsomely rewarded with kind words of appreciation and thanks by the hospital administration and people in the community.

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Sabki Rasoi

Uttarakhand MahaSangh With Jai Ho Chhatr Sanghtan Srinagar!!

UKM with Jai Ho Chaatr Sanghtan Srinagar brings “Sabki Rasoi” to feed all the people in dire need of some provision for food.

Our Work

Uttrakhand Mahasangh helped migrants during pandemic to reach their home safely.

UKM takes pride in extending help to 18 families. These families were supported financially, especially during the Lockdown time for getting their daughters married. Uttrakhand Mahasangh helped migrants during pandemics to reach their homes safely.

We have to support our local artists. It’s just that simple. Otherwise, we will have no Art.

Uttarakhand Mahasangh continues to serve and provide help to all those in need.

Supported Financially Especially During the Lockdown

UKM has also collaborated with Proud India during Lockdown. This effort has immensely helped us to become aware of people with the same mindset and interests directed towards helping underprivileged people in dire times.

There were millions of people who needed help and we happened to put our best foot forward. We were able to arrange transportation via railways for the Uttrakhand migrants in Bengaluru till Haridwar. We were also able to take care of the migrants, by feeding them on regular basis and providing them with timely shelter sites until their travel date.