UKM Donates Food

and provided more than Rs.4.7 lakhs in aid.

Uttarakhand Mahasangh takes pride in serving food in 5 cities.

We have an estimate of 5 kitchens and have catered 150,000 meals for the homeless & hungry each year.

  • Volunteers do their very best to reach out to the needy & are sometimes found working, even after hours trailing late into the night.
  • Whenever it's the holiday season or time to celebrate - UKM comes forward with a great action plan for its Time to Share & Time to Serve.
  • Our goal is to feed the millions of hungry children in India who lack the means of a decent meal and often are found in a poor state. Many possess the inherent zeal to learn and achieve and could be wonderfully supported by a wholesome meal each day.
  • The food we provide them is filled with nourishment and motivation, that they need to get on with their lives - be it education or any other trade.
  • We promise to reach out to every child at the grassroots level of society in the best possible way.