Our Organization Has Been Present for Over 2 Years.


We strive to work in the best interests of the people from Uttarakhand.

To support the arts in India is to support the millennia-long cultural traditions that form our intricate past, and the contemporary art practices that will inform our future. The creation of art and participation in it is a crucial part of every community’s development and a strong conduit for its expression.

Uttarakhand Mahasangh aims in binding Uttarakhandis’ in India.

We are earnestly working towards participating in innovative cultural and charitable events, causal-driven campaigns, and any underlying issues that need immediate attention in our living society. Uttarakhand Mahasangh also breathes into the solidarity of developing the charity objective to help alleviate poverty, hardships, and distress amongst children and the underprivileged.

The UKM work in performing arts focuses on supporting artistic practices that are emerging, underrepresented and neglected within the spectrum of theatre, music and dance.

The UKM has actively engaged in conserving Uttarkhand's rich heritage through supporting the conservation of built heritage, encouraging the training of conservators in pahadi language

UKM raises funds through its activities such as charity events, advertising revenue as well as through donations from generous sponsors. UKM believes in the three C's: Culture, Charity, , Charity

UKM currently has approximately 5,000+ family members who comprise of housewives, professionals and well-known business entrepreneurs.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.