Online Paathshala

The New Normal has enforced tough guidelines for people in our country. Any aspiring/existing business or student learner has to work into gaining an access to strong internet connections, computers, or smartphones to stay active & be existent.

The crisis has nudged students to pick up e-learning opportunities, as there is no end in sight. As the country takes on online education as the new format for learning, there have been many patches in the country that are yet to see the light.

Uttarakhand Mahasangh aims in connecting to 150+ rural areas in Uttarakhand.

The data in the rural areas for masses that do have an access to the basic resources to an internet connection, smartphones, or computers is very poor indeed.

Hence, Uttarakhand Mahsangh will be reaching out & helping the underprivileged people in securing the basic resources to meet the new format of e-learning - with laptops, internet connection & good phones.